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((back! I have successfully passed college! thank you for your support)) The everyday life of middle-schooler Ginga and the struggles of trying to get her feelings through to her crush. (( This comic contains girl love (shoujo ai), boy love (shounen ai), trans characters, etc. However, this is a lighthearted comic and will be safe for work ))


October 2nd, 2015, 7:28 am


Well that was adventurous
School started up again for me, and since I'm now a senior I have senior studio as well as other classes that are taking up my life;;

My birthday passed in September and my family got me a new cat, who doesn't get along with my brother's cat, so it's like I've been put in charge of their relationship (if anyone's introduced cats on here, any tips would be helpful! ;.; I think what i've been doing is working out...)

And my mac (what I work on) crashed and they whipped everything QVQ

Luckily I had stuff from june and before backed up, so I didn't lose much for this comic.

So sorry for disappearing so suddenly qvq life happens.

June 9th, 2015, 6:05 pm

Con Info

I guess this is kinda a stretch, but I figured I'd post it just in case anyone here is close enough to come to it!

ComicFest is a one day, free, comic convention in Nashua, NH.

There are many artists (including myself, and my girlfriend cyggygremlincomics selling their great things there! Also there are a lot of cool panels and fun guests!

If you're free on June 20th, from 10am-7pm, stop by for some fun!
If someone here happens to be close enough to pop by, tell me! :> I'll be selling prints, a few bookmarks, buttons, commissions, and if everything works out, a little NMP sampler!

Here's the facebook for more info!


Other cons I frequent are Another Anime Con (Manchester, NH) and Anime Boston (Boston, MA)

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